Dance your way Home

“I feel that I released the child in me; 
not the wounded child 
but one who loves to play and run with the wind”
Express, Connect, Relax with the Biodanza barefoot dance experience!
Dance for pleasure, health, wellbeing, happiness!
No steps to learn, no partner needed – just let the music dance you and enjoy!
It’s good to join a regular class…


Peter has been leading Biodanza classes since 2007.
 He is one of 30+ Biodanza teachers belonging to the Association of Biodanza Teachers in the UK .

I have enjoyed every single session and always left feeling better at the end of the session than I did at the beginning. I often arrived straight from work feeling fraught and tired but left feeling up-lifted and lighter. I feel that I released the child in me; not the wounded child but one who loves to play and run with the wind. I became more playful in other areas of my life and started to laugh more. I also noticed that strangers would smile at me spontaneously. I wondered if the way I presented myself to the world had changed; from someone shy and withdrawn to someone more open and not afraid to engage with the world.

I continued to go to Peter’s classes because he created a warm, safe space where it felt ok to play and simply be myself. His gentle encouragement and enthusiasm was infectious. He is a great teacher. He ensured that everyone in the group felt safe and gave them the space to be themselves.

I particularly enjoyed the sessions that had a theme; either linked to a myth or one of the five components of Biodanza. It gave the sessions a thread to follow and hold onto. All the sessions felt well planned which also contributed to the feeling of safety that Peter fostered. Having this containment made it easier for me to let go and be spontaneous because I knew I was being held. I highly recommend his classes to those who have no or little experience of Biodanza as well as those who are more experienced. Peter is very inclusive and can cater for all needs.


A big fan of yours

To me Peter embodies what Biodanza is all about.

One moment he leads us into being strong and lionesque, and in the next breath, we are quiet and feline.

He leads seemlessly through each phase and brings out the best in all of us as he does so. He encourages us to lose our inhibitions but take care of ourselves – and each other – in the process.

I can’t imagine anyone feeling uncomfortable in his class – it’s like swimming in a warm, inviting sea. The sweetness and sensitivity help melt the heart and embrace the world.


Another big fan

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